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New Devotional Book for Men

On Father's Day, 2019, Andy Blanks and I launched the second book in the "How to be a Man" line of devotional books from Iron Hill Press entitled, "How to be a Man: Learning from Real Men of the Bible." This book focuses on eight real men in the bible who knew what it took to be a man of God. This is a 40-day devotional that allows you to spend five days on each man we chose to explore in scripture. 
I recently led a group of 20 men through this book in a small group setting and it was incredible. The way God is using this book in so many ways is special. I hope that you will get a copy for yourself, but, just like the Christian life, it is better experienced in community.  To purchase your copy(s), visit the Iron Hill Press website.

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Discipleship? But He's Only Eight Months Old.

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How do you disciple your son when he’s just a baby? I’ve asked myself this question so many times in the last eight months. I’ve struggled to see my role in this whole parenting thing, really. Honestly, a mother’s role is very defined, especially in Sir Charles’ case. My wife is nursing him and supplementing with pureed fruits and veggies (which aren’t half bad, by the way). She stays at home with him, plays with him, dresses, feeds him, reads to him, teaches him colors, shapes…you get the picture. There are things that she does that I don’t have the privilege of doing. Right now, her role is clearly defined (by her choice, just so we’re clear). My role, however, not so much. I know that my time will come when I can teach him things like grace, forgiveness, unconditional love and acceptance the same way that my dad taught me. A lot of those lessons will come through just being present and intentional with my actions and words. I will have to model the …

50 Things Every Son Needs to Hear from His Dad

I heard a lot of things growing up from a lot of people: my mom, sister, teachers, ministers, friends, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, coaches, teammates, and opponents. Each one would tell me different things in their own way. My mom would lovingly tell me not to do something and when I wouldn't listen, the switches came out. (Then I listened.) My teachers would threaten me with detention or sitting out in the hall...I was scared to death of detention. My coaches would yell and growl...somewhere between the tobacco spit and sweat, I learned how to play. My ministers would speak the truth of God's word...either from the pulpit or one on one. My sister, aunts, uncles, and cousins would praise me for whatever...since I was one of the only boys in the family. Teammates gave me "attaboys" and opponents made threats. Much of what they told me went in one ear and out the other.
       However, there was one person who's voice I desired most to hear. My dad…

31 Verses Every Teenager should know: Character

Here is the latest 31 Verses devotional book I wrote for Student Life. It is 31 different stories about Old Testament characters that reveal one aspect of God's character. Each story includes a devotional and a set of reflective questions. Once it is released, it will be a great way for teenagers to learn more about God through Old Testament heroes. Expect it to be released this summer. I'll provide a link when it is available.
When I got home Sunday from a trip to East Tennessee I had a lot of mail. It was like Christmas. I had a check from Chicken Soup for the Soul for my story, my new issue of The Writer magazine, and 10 complementary copies of this little baby--31 Verses Every Teenager Should Know: Character. It was so fun to get all that writing stuff at one time. Even though those trips to the mailbox are rare, it still made me feel like a real writer for a brief moment. Then I had to open the not-so-fun stuff, like bills and junk-mail.

New Bible Study coming soon

This is Student Life's newest Bible study. I was a contributor to this study writing 12 devotionals and 12 lessons. There are 8 sections in all and the two sections I wrote were entitled "Bridging the Gap" and "Next". I wrote 6 lessons and 6 devotionals for both sections. These are really great for students. They are packed full of excellent graphics and content to help teenagers grow closer to God. I highly recommend them. The study is scheduled to be available in June 2010.

The big book reveal!

Well here is the big surprise! A little less than a year ago I was browsing a friend's blog. Susan at Stony River, always posts open markets at the end of her blog. This Chicken Soup for the Soul was the one posted for that day. I checked it out and it sounded like something I could do. So, I blindly submitted my story to them in hopes of hearing something back. Well, months passed and I forgot about submitting it, until I received an e-mail saying that I had made the first cut. The editor said there were around 4,000 submissions and they cut it down to about 200. Then about a month later they cut it to 120 and there was one more cut to make it to 101. I found out at the first of the year that I was selected to be in the book. Since the book wouldn't come out until April, I had to keep it a secret from my dad. I wanted to give it to him for his birthday, which is also in April. I only told a handful of people about it and they were sworn to secrecy.
Wednesday, I helped my uncle…

New news on the book front

Hey everyone,

I received a phone call yesterday from my neighbor saying that I had a package on my doorstep that he'd picked up for me. I was at the coffee shop in Harbor Town on Mud Island doing some revisions on my most recent submissions to StudentLife for their bible study material. I had no idea what the box would contain but always get excited to receive packages. It is like Christmas; even if I'm the one who ordered it. Anyway, I got home and the side the box read Simon & Schuster. My interest was perked because they are a very large publishing house and I had not ordered any books. I tore open the top and threw out the padding to reveal 10 free copies of the book in which I was a contributor. I was PUMPED! I am not going to tell you the title of the book yet but I will tell you that there are 101 different stories compiled into this collection and mine is one of them. The editor I spoke with said there were over 4,000 entries and they chose 101. Opening that b…